Reporting for Google Analytics 4

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This Google Sheets add-on helps you view and edit Google Analytics 4 data more easily in Google Sheets.
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  • Unlimited GA4 properties
  • Unlimited reports*
  • Up to hourly automated refreshes
  • 1 user
  • Email support
* Google's quotas and Google Sheets limits do apply.
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Yes, you will receive an invoice after your payment is received. We will send you the invoice by email and you can download your invoices from this portal.
In the last step of the checkout process you have the option to add additional email addresses.
Your subscription starts only after your trial ends. Your trial period is always free, also if you subscribe before the end of your trial period.
Only Google's limits apply, we have not set any restrictions for the add-on.
This Google Sheets add-on uses the Google Analytics data API. The use of this API is limited by Google’s quotas.
Google Sheets add-ons are also limited by Google’s apps script quotas.
Under normal use, both quotas rarely cause any real restrictions on the add-on.